Hiring a consultant… You’ve thought about it, but never dared take the plunge. Is it worth it? The answer is yes. In fact, we give you five distinct advantages to using Triple Boris’ consulting services.

Consultant = complementarity

A consultant usually comes with a start date and an end date. It means that this specialist is there temporarily to perform a specific task or meet a particular need. For example, by hiring a consultant, you avoid putting too much pressure on the shoulders of your permanent employees during periods of overload and preserve harmony in the office. In fact, staff rarely see the consultant as a threat. There is no jealousy or competition. Rather, he is seen as a valuable asset.

Consultant = objectivity

Because he is not part of the company, a consultant has the skills required to paint an objective picture of the situation. He does not allow himself to be influenced by his personal interests; he looks at each intervention or element without preconceived ideas. By choosing a consultant, you get unbiased solutions that are often off the beaten track. Think outside the box

Consultant = expertise

A consultant is a specialist in a given field. By hiring a professional, you get his expertise. You benefit from his experience and advice. A consultant will suggest new approaches, but most of all, you will avoid many headaches. (No, it’s not always possible to take care of everything yourself…)

At Work On my Home, our consultants have access to the team’s collective memory at all times. In other words, our employees on assignment can always count on the support of their colleagues in the office when a problem arises. It’s part of our corporate philosophy. Alone, we go faster. Together, we go further!

Consultant = efficiency

A consultant is a flexible, available and, above all, autonomous person. He or she is there for the duration of the project or task to be accomplished. His goal? To complete the mandate according to the schedule and the rules of the trade. You renew his services only if necessary. He won’t be angry if you no longer need him. It will mean that he has achieved his goal. On an assignment, the consultant has no advantage in dragging out the files. His mandate is to put out fires and sometimes even save the furniture. In short, there’s no question of wasting time!

Consultant = economy

You think it’s expensive, a consultant? Yeah, it’s not cheap. That said, it’s worth the expense if you avoid overburdening your employees with tasks they will do halfway due to a lack of time or knowledge. You are paying for valuable time only. You also save a multitude of unpleasant costs: insurance, CNESST, payroll deductions, Employment Insurance and pension plan contributions, vacation, sick leave, etc.

In addition, you have the opportunity to discuss payment terms with the consultant. A significant advantage!


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