An SEO audit is a complete analysis of each of the SEO factors that improve the visibility of your website in search engines.

There are sometimes services that often offer you to perform an audit for free. The problem is that these online solutions will only give you a limited analysis of a few basic problems with your site. The best approach to analyze your site in depth is to perform the audit manually following a precise methodology (like the one I will present you) or to ask for the help of an SEO consultant to save you time. We prefer to train you by seo experts that’s why we recommend you to read :

the article written by Poush.

An SEO audit will reveal the flaws

  • Changing algorithms: search engines are constantly evolving to satisfy their users by gaining a better understanding of their search intentions in order to present them with the most relevant answers possible. This is why it is so important to identify the search terms that convert and make sure your website is up to date and SEO friendly.
  • Follow the recommendations for webmasters: the tools for webmasters proposed by Google and Bing are constantly evolving. An SEO audit will be used to check and test your website to ensure that it complies with their recommendations such as page loading time for example.
  • Site errors: it is also important to check that your site does not contain coding error messages or broken links leading to 404 errors (pages not found). An SEO audit will reveal these errors and correct them so as not to lose traffic.
  • Titles and metas given: Source code titles and metas descriptions are the first thing that web users will read about your site on the search engine results page. When your site appears in the natural or organic search results, it is important that these titles and metas descriptions are unique per page and reflect the content. An SEO audit will verify that there is a unique title and a unique description per page.
  • Dated content…: if your site is old, then chances are you have dated content. However, search engines favour recent and relevant content in order to present the most interesting results to their users. An SEO audit will identify pages that have not been visited for 6 months and that should be refreshed or deleted (by doing a 301 redirection).

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