As growth and efficiency are key words for construction companies, it is essential to find a solution that can help you achieve your goal. This objective can be to improve visibility on your fleet, increase stock availability or simply to make more figures . Whatever your ultimate goal, there is probably a fleet management software package that can help you achieve it.

Do you know exactly where all your equipment is located and how it is being used?

Even if you know where a piece of equipment is located, wouldn’t it be useful to know its exact location? If your equipment is used on a large job site, you can save a lot of time during removal if you know its exact location.

It’s not just a matter of tracking the location of your machine. With fleet management software, you can gather all your tracking data in a centralized location that will contain all kinds of information on equipment use, meter readings, breakdown details to prepare for your technician’s visit, etc. Without software, you will spend more time finding all this information and your response time will be slower. You won’t know where a machine is out of order and your work will be less efficient.

Detect faults before they occur.

It is important that your equipment is kept in a safe condition and ready for use at all times to ensure user safety. Equipment in good condition will also be more profitable for your business.

This type of solution can help you plan maintenance, spare parts and additional equipment orders when it is not available in your fleet, in order to optimize the use of your equipment and meet demand.

Deliveries 10 times faster

For equipment deliveries, it is very easy to load a van and send a driver on the road, but think of the difficulties if the loading is done in a different order than the delivery order.

By using management software, your drivers’ routes will be optimized to save time and make as many deliveries as possible on the same day. The vans will be loaded so that each stop is fast, efficient and cost-effective. It is possible to add comments to the delivery sites so that drivers can plan without forgetting certain site-specific conditions, thus saving time.

These are just some of the benefits of management software. If you would like to have your own management software for your company, CAD SOFTWARE can help you in the development of tailor-made software.


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