You too are wondering the same question? Why should I use Facebook advertising to promote my site, my products/services, when I have a good natural SEO and my social networks work well?

This question is completely legitimate, especially if you are inbound marketing specialists and you don’t see the point of spending your money, when you could have the same results without having to spend a single penny?

So today, I decided to go in search of the best answer, because I am convinced that it would be a shame to deprive oneself of an additional source of traffic when it comes to promoting one’s business (or that of one’s customers)!

When you know that Facebook users click on an average of 8 ads every month, it is more than tempting to try to gain visibility on the social media platform.
I now let you discover the 5 excellent reasons to advertise on Facebook… and some of them might well surprise you !

Reach an ultra-targeted audience by creating your first Facebook ad

Mark Zuckerberg is a smart guy! He managed to create THE monopoly of information on the web. He knows everything about you: your passions, your age, your professional situation, your date of birth, your place of residence, your friends, your problems of the moment… In short: he knows absolutely everything about you, and therefore, he knows absolutely everything about your customers!
According to Hootsuite, 1.47 billion people use Facebook… It makes you dizzy when you think of the number of targeted customers you can reach!

Unlike Google Ads which targets people based on what they are looking for on the web, a Facebook ad will target people based on social demographic criteria.
The approach is therefore completely different! A Google Ads strategy will help you get more traffic to your site. As for the Facebook ad, it should serve as a lever to make you known to people who are very interested in your domain at the moment T (to help you convert).

By doing Facebook advertising, you reach an ultra-targeted audience, and you put all the chances on your side to acquire new customers in the short/medium term!

Fight Facebook’s algorithm (and the low reach of your publications)

Facebook’s algorithms follow one after the other… They change every 4 mornings and it becomes quite painful, especially when you have invested a lot of time in creating publications that will never be seen by your own followers (who are very demanding).

Advertising helps you to get around this algorithm which decreases your organic reach a little bit more every day!
Of course, you will have to invest a small budget, but at least the time spent creating content will not be in vain!

Because in the end, if you spend 2 hours to create 10 Facebook posts, and your hourly rate is 50 €, 100 € (or even more), imagine the delta you get with an ad that costs you 10 €, that took 30 minutes to create, and 15 minutes more to watch the fallout?

On the one hand, in organic, you will have a range of 100 views, on the other hand, you will have a range 10 times greater, for much less… You do the math 😉.

Creating a Facebook ad campaign is fast (compared to an inbound marketing strategy that takes a long time to set up)

We sometimes hear that Facebook ads don’t convert. But when you look a little closer, the Ads campaigns in question are not sufficiently worked and targeted. Under these conditions, the inevitable happens: it doesn’t work!

Contrary to popular belief, creating a Facebook ad campaign or retargeting doesn’t take much time. The time-consuming part is elsewhere…
Let me explain: if you know your target customer at your fingertips, it will be quick for you, because you will know exactly what to say to convince him (and especially who to target for your ad campaign).

On the other hand, if you haven’t yet done any serious work around your persona, it might take a little longer than expected.
The moral of all this is this: if you really want to invest money, think about it beforehand. No strategy, whether it’s free or paid for, bears fruit when you don’t know who to talk to!

No need to do a fundraiser to advertise on Facebook
Sorry to disappoint you: a Facebook ad does not need an investment of several thousand Euros! You should already test it before investing large sums of money. And for that, no need to go to business angels or other investors to help you.

About ten Euros are enough to test a targeted Facebook ad!
But, but, but, but… You’ll still have to roll up your sleeves and get your hands dirty! Your statistics are there to help you understand the success (or failure) of a Facebook advertising campaign.

Based on your initial conclusions, you should test over a predefined period of time, because a test over a single day will never produce conclusive results.

In fact, the hours and days of the advertising campaign can have a huge impact on your results! This is why you must test, test, and test again before having a real return on investment.
I’m not going to repeat myself even more: you now know what you have to do ;).

Manage your Facebook stats easily (Facebook Ads Manager a tool that does everything but coffee)
The tools to manage your social networks are numerous. But where the magic of Facebook works is every time you connect to your Facebook ad manager.

This tool is awesome, as it knows absolutely everything, has answers to everything and can even make some heartfelt predictions!
Your Facebook advertising campaigns will no longer hold any secrets for you. Your Facebook pixel installed on your site allows you to generate precise statistics:

  • Conversion rate to your page or site.
  • Click rate of your target audience.
  • Number of users impacted by your ads.
  • Detailed statistics in real time.
  • Guided creation of your Facebook Ads campaigns.
  • Datas allowing you to adjust your target audience, your budget (CPC: Cost per click) and the content of your ads.
  • What content for your Facebook ads?
  • All ads are composed of a visual and a text

the visual :

  • you have the choice between images and short videos.
  • Whichever format you choose, the aim is to make an impression and pique the curiosity of your target customer. Internet users see a lot of ads on their wall. It is therefore essential to attract their attention. But what is even more effective is to trigger a positive emotion because this is likely to provoke the long awaited click.
  • Faces are the most likely to generate an emotion. In fact, in everyday life, if someone smiles at you, you’ll want to give them back their smile.
  • The more positive the emotion, the better.

Take care of the colors:

Bland colors will go totally unnoticed in the parade of publications. So use bright colors. Play with the symbolism of colors. Blue soothes, while red attracts the eye. Green represents nature and yellow represents sunshine and joy. In short, adapt the colors to the message you want to convey.

Think about the videos :

Internet users stop five times longer on a video than on a static publication. A video can convey a message much more effectively than an image. Videos are especially eye-catching when they start automatically.
Always use a short format so you don’t get bored. Gifs are particularly interesting in this regard. They make an impression and if they are wisely chosen, they reduce your advertising investment by lowering your cost per click.

The text :

I don’t teach you anything, your text must summarize in a few words what you can bring to your future customers. Always reason in terms of profits. The title must be particularly careful, choose a title that is easy to remember and presents your business succinctly.
It is particularly advisable to test several texts and keep the one that converts best. You can also test several visuals and several combinations of the two.

In conclusion, if you invest in Facebook ads, you should know that you are entering a field that many professionals are afraid of.
Why should you do this? Because in their minds, creating an ad campaign is reserved for the elite, those who have unlimited budget funds and who don’t mind spending without counting…

Nothing could be further from the truth! In fact, if you are not very daring to invest and create Facebook campaigns in your field of activity, you are mathematically more likely to be seen. The fear of financial loss (often unfounded) can paralyze many of your competitors. So take advantage of it!


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