Is it necessary to adopt inbound marketing to generate leads, more sales, more visitors on its site, more subscribers to its email list, more customers on its social networks?

Is influence marketing a more viable solution? Should a blog, social networks or paid advertising be preferred? Natural referencing maybe… I’m still hesitating in reality!

STOP! You have too many ideas in your head, and when that happens to you, you scatter! How I understand you ! It’s difficult to choose one strategy over another.

To help you make the right choice, I present here 7 effective digital marketing strategies to gain visibility on the net. Are you ready?

Digital marketing strategy #1: Implementing an effective content strategy

Having a blog part on your website is a must if you want to be visible on the web!

Thanks to an inbound marketing strategy of content creation (which consists in attracting customers to you, rather than prospecting), you demonstrate your expertise in your field and inspire confidence.

A well-structured editorial planning and relevant newsletters will help you offer your readers content to solve their problems.

Each publication must be qualitative and above all attract the reader’s attention so that they remember you. And for that, I have a simple and easy tip!

What you may not know is that studies have shown that GIFs increase the opening rate of an email by 19%. Ads with GIFs also convert much better…

But how can such results be explained?

It is finally quite logical: 60% of the population is “visual” and 10% kinesthetic (which retains sensory/emotional information better). GIFs attract the eye and provide emotions.

The impact of GIFs in a content strategy is all too often minimized, despite the “power” of attraction they have. With GIFs, your readers will remember you! And that’s exactly what we’re looking for!

Take the test by yourself and visit this site to get an idea of what you could integrate into your content… The GIFs offered have been specially designed to increase the conversion rate!

Digital marketing strategy #2: Publish on social networks

Are social media your best lever to be visible on the net in 2020? The answer is a big YES!

People wrongly think that social networks are dead, that it is difficult to make a place for oneself on them. And that may indeed be true… at least in terms of making a quick breakthrough on some already saturated networks.

I’m not saying that this marketing strategy is easy to set up, and that you’ll get immediate results, in a snap of the fingers.

Social networks require a lot of time and investment, because you need to create engaging content and above all interact with your audience.

The good news is that you don’t have to be on ALL social media! In fact, it’s better to only publish on one network and master it thoroughly before moving on to another.

If you really want your customers to find you, you have to be where they are! This is the basis of inbound marketing: you are essential, because you are present where your persona is.

On which social media is your ideal customer and how can they find YOU? When and why does he connect to social networks? Ask yourself the right questions to make your strategy really effective.

Digital Marketing Strategy #3: Targeting your audience with influence marketing

What is influence marketing? Do you know what the term influencer means? Yes ? Well, influence marketing is about making yourself visible by adopting a strategy that puts you and your company in the spotlight.

People are fond of backstage, backstage. They want to know who they’re talking to. People with similar backgrounds to yours need reassurance. And that’s good, because your background will inspire and motivate them.

Of course, if you adopt this web marketing strategy, you have to be willing to reveal yourself. That’s why it’s not for everyone.

Influence marketing is very often focused on video, and for good reason… Influencers film themselves, film their daily life to take their audience with them.

Don’t confuse them with dream sellers! Professional influencers don’t spend their time slumped over an inflatable poolside buoy, sipping vintage Champagne! In reality, they really work.

This type of marketing strategy is time-consuming, because it requires spending a lot of time creating content – mainly videos, which is a format that rocks – and then sharing it, building loyalty and exchanging with a community that is in high demand.

Digital marketing strategy #4: Promote your products / services through advertising

Another unstoppable technique to gain visibility on the web: promotion through advertising.

Contrary to what we tend to believe, it is not necessary to invest crazy amounts of money in advertising to get quick results.

For example, if you create Google adwords campaigns (paid referencing) to increase the visibility of your website, you will only need (at first) a budget of tens/hundred euros to see more visitors flock to your site.

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest advertising campaigns are also a great way to promote your content and reach a much larger audience.

Of course, nothing is ever easy! If you want to avoid losing your money, you need to train yourself (or delegate to professionals). If you throw yourself headlong without any notion, you risk throwing your money out of the windows…

Your ads must be attractive, conveying a message that your customers will like, otherwise they will have no impact.

Keep in mind your main objective: to attract customers who are really interested and ready to take action. Tourists” won’t bring you anything and will waste your time and money!

Digital marketing strategy #5: Develop your branding

Branding… kesako? If you’ve been surfing the internet for a while looking for THE web marketing strategy that will make you rich and famous, you’ve obviously already heard about personal branding or brand branding.

Otherwise, you should know that branding consists in creating a strategy that revolves around your own person or your brand (not to be confused with influence marketing).

For example, take the Innocent brand, which makes smoothies. They were able to create an emulation around their brand and their history, with offbeat content. And you know what? It works really well!

The idea isn’t to invent stories about your career and that of your company. It doesn’t work, because people are not fooled!

On the other hand, if you use good storytelling, if you tell your story and your audience recognizes yourself in what you say, you’ve won everything!

Your prospects will be hooked on your content. They will know that you understand them and that you are THE right person to help them.

People love stories. They want to know why you do what you do. By doing so, you give them the reasons to buy from you and create a real “tribe” that will be ready to follow you everywhere!

Digital marketing strategy #6: Leverage natural referencing

When we start a website, we often naively believe that the Internet users will flock in mass from the very first days. Nothing is more false, unless you already have a certain notoriety on the internet!

In order for your website and blog to meet readers who are really interested in what you offer, you need to promote your content. But you have to admit that this is very time-consuming and not very viable in the long term.

Another solution is available to you: natural referencing (from its little name SEO for Search Engine Optimization). If you don’t know what it is yet, here is a quick definition.

Search Engine Optimization is a set of elements that allow your website to position itself in first place on search engines (hello Google!).

You must be aware that it takes time before you get the first results. However, as soon as your site begins to gain notoriety in the eyes of Google, you will receive qualified traffic to your site, without any further promotional effort. Pretty tempting, isn’t it?

Optimizing your natural SEO is essential if you want to be visible on the web.

Digital marketing strategy #7: Networking

When we work on the net, we sometimes tend to forget about physical networks. However, networking is frighteningly powerful!

Imagine yourself receiving calls from prospects, without doing anything, thanks to the recommendations from your network… No need to prospect anymore, no need to put in a lot of effort to develop your visibility, because your knowledge is working for you!

A satisfied customer is the best ambassador for a company!

Learn how to pitch your project, your story and your offer. A good pitch makes you more comfortable when you go to networking events that could bring you new customers.

Also don’t waste your time networking for networking’s sake… I mean that not all gatherings and events will serve you well.

Think strategically: who is your target customer? What events does he or she attend? Trade fairs, conferences, entrepreneurial aperitifs…?

Be creative and meet the right people. And the right people are not always the ones you think they are! A business partner, with a complementary activity to yours will be just as useful in getting to know you as a convinced customer!

Now it’s up to you to define your main marketing objective that will allow you to reach your annual goals. You now know what you have to do


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