Are you tired of publishing content that nobody reads? How I understand you! Creating relevant content for your audience takes time! And you don’t necessarily have any…

What if I told you that it is possible to attract a targeted audience other than with the blog posts you write? I would even say that it is the essential complement to any content creation!

That’s why you’re going to retain your audience, and knock out your competitors…

I won’t make you wait any longer and I’ll tell you the secrets of a successful communication… A communication that naturally attracts your target customers, because it looks like them!

Identifying your target consumers
Do you know how important it is to target your content if you want it to be read? Because no content in the world will be relevant to Internet users if it doesn’t meet the needs of a specific customer target.

The good news is that you can attract more customers if you focus your efforts in the right place! The bad news is that you’re going to have to define what we call in marketing your persona.

A persona corresponds to potential customers, who are likely to buy your products/services. It is not a question of doing a market study, but of defining the archetype of your ideal customer.

In order for your target audience to recognize themselves in the content you publish on your website and on your social networks, you must be able to answer the following questions:

  • What is his name?
  • How old is he or she?
  • What is their profession?
  • What is their monthly salary?
  • What are his passions?
  • What is his most painful problem at the moment?
  • What has he tried to do to solve his problem?

To help you create your target customer, you can use Hubspot’s online tool . In a few minutes, you have created a proper client avatar and can take the next step of adopting targeted communication for your audience.

Targeting potential customers with a communication that looks like them
Now that you know your target audience better, you need to use their communication codes. Your prospect must be able to recognize himself in your content, otherwise he will simply go to the competition to find out if the grass is greener elsewhere!

Your ideal customer is part of a group, which uses very specific codes to distinguish itself within its “tribe”.

If I take for example a digital marketing strategy that targets web entrepreneurs, I will be able to identify them thanks to the language they use. They will talk about inbound marketing, conversion rates, social media, niche markets and persona.

Their industry requires them to keep themselves informed at all times, so they are used to consuming written, video and audio content.

Here’s what they now expect from content:

to be relevant to them
that the content goes straight to the point (or on the contrary, that it details by the menu the smallest details of a proven method)
be pictured, because they have already seen and read a lot of things on the internet.
With a target audience that operates in the web domain, you will create content that responds to its own codes (i.e. text, visual, audio and video).

Now let’s look at how to create content that appeals to your target audience, without having to chase after them?

Build audience loyalty with visual content

Every human being on Earth needs to feel something and to be part of a group. When a brand creates a trend, all its competitors usually take the same path.

Where they are wrong is that each brand is unique. It is by adopting its own way of communicating that a brand differentiates itself. Based on this principle, copying your little friends is useless!

In order for your target audience to buy into your brand, you need to convey a strong message that unites them around common interests.

That’s all well and good, but how do you do it in practice?

In reality, you don’t need “much”. The only guideline is to adopt your own style and stick to it!

Start by defining (or redefining) the graphic charter of your website. You have selected a few colors, then 2 or 3 typographies.

Then come the types of visuals. Are they sleek, colorful, flamboyant, corporate? Every time you publish content on your website or on your social networks, your ideal customer must be able to recognize you at first glance!

And for those who want to work on their site for natural referencing, read this article on how to optimize your images and videos.

Reaching your targets in the heart of your business to win loyal customers

You have now reached the last step (and not the least!): communicating to get your audience hooked, even in a competitive industry!

Every time you create content (email marketing, articles, social media publications), you need to reach a targeted audience. This means that your content must be oriented to reach your customers at their heart.

For example, by supporting your words with animated (or not) images, you’ll end up convincing them that your product is exactly what they need.

For a marketing communication strategy to be really effective, the images you insert in your newsletters, articles and on your website pages are a way to support your words even more.

Your potential prospects expect more. They are looking for a unique user experience, a brand image that reflects them.

While doing my research, I found a site that should meet your expectations…

Gifing is a platform that offers animated GIFs and videos specially designed to convert… That is to say that when you integrate these formats in your texts, mailings, or web pages, you can be sure that the message you send to your audience will have a much stronger impact than you could do with “lambda” visuals, found on royalty-free image banks.

Are you ready to implement your conquest strategy through targeted and sales-oriented visuals?


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